Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Big Knife You Need For The Zombie Apocalypse: Gordon Survival Knife

If Zombies Come, You'll Need A Knife 


If you've ever watched, The Walking Dead or read my novel, Zombie Complex, you know that big sharp knives are a vital survival tool during a Zombie Apocalypse.  The only way to kill a zombie is by destroying its brain or decapitating it.  That means you'll need a big knife.

Good Knife for the Price


Over the years, I've looked at many of them and one stands out as an outstanding and affordable value:  the Gordon 8-inch Survival Knife.  It is generally available for less than $10 at Harbor Freight tools.  If you are going to spend a few bucks prepping for zombies, civil unrest, or natural disaster, this knife is one heck of a buy.

The knife is solidly constructed and has an 8-inch Stainless Steel blade.  It has a hollow handle that is packed with survival supplies including fishing line, matches, and fishing hooks.  Inside the pommel, you'll even find a a built in compass that works.

Potential Improvements

Since there is plenty of room inside the handle, I would recommend upgrading the contents of this knife with even better survival options.  More matches, more fish hooks, a bobber, and rudimentary first aid supplies could be added to the inside the handle kit.

Where to Get This Survival Knife

This knife seems to be sold under different names on Amazon.  However, Harbor Freight brick-n-mortar hardware stores still appear to be the least expensive place to get this knife.  While there are knives with a better pedigree by big name knife makers, this one is a great one to have in your inventory or to share with others in your party in case of an emergency.  It's also cheap enough to actually keep in a tackle box or store in your boat or in the trunk of your car so that you'll have it if you actually need it.  The only caution would be that this is a big knife with a big blade so check your local laws on knives and knife carry.

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