Saturday, January 27, 2018

Zombie Complex - Minor Tweaks and Revisions!

Sometimes after you've completed a project, you'll revisit it with a set of fresh eyes and you'll find little things to fix and improve.  I took a look at Zombie Complex last week with an eye for finding defects and making small improvements.  As a result, I reformatted the Kindle edition to make it more readable with better line spacing.

My copies of the paperback edition also arrived and they looked awesome.  Unfortunately, they were missing page numbers.  Fortunately, that was an easy fix.  I simply added page numbers and a thank you section and re-released that edition back into the wild.

If you want a cool looking paperback for your bookshelf or coffee table, Zombie Complex, is the book to get.  If you've set aside your kindle version, resynch and revisit it in the new format.  It'll be far easier for you to read.

Either way, thank you for reading!  Thank you for any reviews you might leave!  And, keep watching this space.  There will be more to come!

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