Sunday, August 26, 2018

New Developments with Zombie Complex

As summer comes to a close and Halloween approaches, I'm taking stock of the progress I've made with Zombie Complex and I'm looking ahead to some exciting new developments for my first novel  and my short stories.  In the next month or two, I hope to offer Zombie Complex on a variety of new reading platforms such as Kobo.

After Labor Day, the price of Zombie Complex will be increasing to $1.99 for Kindle and the exclusive KDP arrangement should end near the end of October.  I've maintained the low price for a long time to attract new readers.  I grew up buying used books for $1 a piece and enjoying the heck out of them.  However, I will need to buy advertising and undertake more formal efforts at marketing to expand my reach.

If you haven't bought your own copy of Zombie Complex, I encourage you to buy it soon and beat the price hike!

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