Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Health of the Zombie Genre

It's that special time of year.  Fall is coming.  Halloween is less than a month away.  The Walking Dead - Season 9 will premiere on October 7th.  The smell of putrid, rotting, flesh is fresh in the air.  It's almost zombie time again!

What's going on with the zombie genre?  With the departure of several major characters on The Walking Dead, many people wonder if the venerable franchise will be able to carry on.  I for one hope that that TWD does continue for many more years.  The departure of Rick and Maggie is a big deal for the show.  They should both go out with a bang or a bite or in some way that changes everything.  Change is interesting.  I would like to see the survivors on TWD make some progress towards a human recovery.  I would like to see mankind start to rise from the ashes.  But, after 9 seasons of The Walking Dead and countless other zombie-themed dramas, many are wondering if zombie fatigue may be setting in.

Has the world been over saturated with zombie stories, television shows, and movies?  I sure hope not.  I still have quite a few stories bouncing around in my brain that I would really like to tell.  Unfortunately, when I search the term "Zombie Books" on Amazon, I get over 50,000 results.  There are a lot of zombie books.  As an Indie Author, it is incredibly daunting to find readers for my solitary novel and my lonesome pair of short stories.  Like surviving a zombie apocalypse, reaching readers requires almost superhuman perseverance.  However, in many ways, zombie stories are timeless and they do illuminate important ideas about humanity.  I want to keep on plugging and make sure my own tales shed some light for the enjoyment of my readers.

I recently came across this essay "A Fresh Take on Rotting Flesh:  Zombies in Media" by Alicia Dryer of Roosevelt University.  Since zombies are a classic monster in popular culture just like vampires or Frankenstein, the author thinks there is still room for creativity.  Perhaps there is still life in the dead genre?  Now, I've just got to get cracking!

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