Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trick or Treat: It's Halloween!

As a writer of zombie fiction, I'm excited about Halloween.  Unfortunately not many children trudge up the steps to our deluxe apartment in the sky, so I'm providing a treat for my readers.  On this Halloween evening, you'll find that a couple of my works for Kindle are free.  I want you to read them.  I want you to enjoy them.  I hope you'll find them interesting, thought-provoking, and frightening.

But, before you take a treat from the bowl of literary works, I do hope you'll consider leaving a review when you are finished reading.  While I'll never get rich off of my fiction, I'd like other readers to know about my work and enjoy reading it too.

Have a wonderful Halloween, enjoy trick or treating if you have kids, be safe, be sane, and take the time to enjoy a good read!

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