Saturday, December 30, 2017

How To Make Publicity Posters For Your Book (Part 1)

As a self-publisher, I find myself completely responsible for publicizing my books.  That means establishing a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and anywhere else I can think of that will get the word out about my work.  It is truly a daunting task.  However, one thing that has been fun is creating publicity posters for my novel Zombie Complex and posting them wherever I can find eyeballs to read them.

Since I have a little artistic talent and a low budget, I made my first posters using the LibreOffice Impress.  It's the presentation software that comes with the free open source office suite LibreOffice.  I simply added the first book cover I had made with the online cover creator, Canva, and incorporated other photographs that I had taken.  Then, I printed out my posters, cut them into various sizes, and posted the them in local apartment complexes and other places where they might be seen by potential readers.

Publicity Posters Created with LibreOffice Impress
In some cases, I just made the posters in plain text.  All I wanted to do was catch a reader's eye and pique their curiosity.  I also exported the posters to JPEG files so that I could cut them up and use them on Twitter.

 While these initial posters were fun, at least one Twitter user objected to my use of Comic Sans as a font.  This led me to seek out alternative mechanisms for creating posters.

This led me to revise my graphics and make them a tad more sophisticated.  I found several Apps for my phone that were perfect for creating quick publicity posters!  I'll cover those in my next post.

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