Friday, February 16, 2018

First Review for Zombie Complex - FOUR STARS!!!

Every writer, actor, or artist eagerly awaits reviews of their work.  I recently received my first review for my first novel Zombie Complex.  The reader gave the book four stars and wrote - Worth the read.

Took a gamble and the price was right at 97 cents. The pace of the story was good and the plot interesting without being predictable. The main character had faults in that he was a "chunky monkey" and certainly not in the best of health or fitness. An absorbing sub-plot with the cultural differences within the complex residents. Healthy dose of humour helped the flow of story. Kept me entertained and that is all I require from a book.
I'm really very glad that the reader enjoyed the book and found it entertaining! I appreciate that the reader took the time to leave a review.

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