Friday, March 9, 2018

Book Reviews for Zombie Complex

When readers take the time to put in a good word for Zombie Complex.  It means a lot.  As an independently published novel, there is no big publishing house to crank out publicity or fund a book tour or do any of the myriad things that go into creating a best seller.  As a newcomer to publishing, every possible award seems like a potential scam. The only judgment I can rely on is the judgment of actual readers who liked the book.  I've tweeted about this before, but every good review seems like an Academy Award.  It is a stamp of approval and a green light to keep on writing.

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As an Indie Author, I have to rely on clever twitter posts, word of mouth, and most of all good reviews from actual readers.  Fortunately, good book reviews for Zombie Complex keep rolling in.  Here are the first three reviews for this zombie novel:

If you read Zombie Complex, I really would appreciate your putting in a good word.  It helps.

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